High speed steel

Components can be brought to shape by milling, turning and sawing.

Chipping tools for this process must adapt to the material we want to chip. High speed steels are mainly used for chipping.

At these materials cutting power and cutting performance survive up to a temperature of 600° C. Because of modern machinery and of an optimized machining process high speed steel standards are always most important.

Due to special processes during the steel melting casting and processing a high quality level can be guaranteed. To achieve the best characteristics of the material and a long durability it is most important to have the best adjustment of the elements. By different usage of carbon, chrome, molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten and cobalt the favored characteristics of the high speed steels can be achieved. You will find the most common high speed grades in our delivery program.

The information in the following table according to GOST grades are for your information only, without liability.