Plastic mould steel

To the tools for plastic processing very high and diverse requirements are provided.
These requirements can occur separately, but also combined, depending on the application. This results from the processing of different types of plastics as well from the various processing procedures.

The used tool steels must ensure such as:

  • high wear-resistance
  • good polishing and eroding properties
  • economical machinability
  • high compressive strength
  • corrosion resistance

Due to this different required performance characteristics plastic mould steels are devided in case hardening steels, heat treatable steels, corrosion-resistant steels, nitriding steels or maraging steels.

In addition to standard grades we offer you high power special grades that presents you new possibilities with view to functionality and economic efficiency thanks its excellent material properties. Ultimately the requirements of the tool decides the selection of the material. By the choice of different alloying elements we can give you for each individual purpose the material with the best recommended properties.

The information in the following table according to GOST grades are for your information only, without liability.