Warehousing / Machining

Chaos really is the last thing a company needs in its warehouse.

We at Oberste-Beulann, however, like to talk about our chaotic warehousing and we do so with some pride as it only seems to be chaotic.

Our high-rise racks are organised by the latest computerised warehouse management system. This does not only locate any available material with the speed of lightning, but it also knows the exact inventory of the different stainless steel materials at any given time. Even the smallest items are registered.

By this means, not only do we have our warehouse capacity under control, but customers also receive their goods much faster – even big quantities. With its varied stock programme for long and flat products, Oberste-Beulmann places enormous importance on having sufficient material available for immediate delivery. Promptly ordered, promptly ready for dispatch and delivered just in time through our reliable logistics partners. No chaos at our customer’s end – guaranteed!

Special steel made to measure

We meet our customers’ requirement for precision cutting of materials using the latest high-performance machine tools operated by highly qualified staff.

Single cuts or long series precisely machined to a millimetre represent absolutely no problem to our machining specialists. No material is too tough, no dimension too big, for our highperformance machinery.

We devote our fullest attention to your requirements and are continuously optimising our services in the machining sector: an essential prerequisite for our identity as a full-service partner.