knife steel in best quality and diverse variations.

knife steel, chipper, machine knives round and flat

The choice of the steel depends largely on the intended use of the knife. Therefore, the properties of the steel such as wear resistance, hardenability, toughness and edge retention are - depending on the application - of great importance.

By the admicture of alloying elements such as e.g. chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, manganese, cobalt or tungsten, the required properties of a steel can get achieved.

The most common uses are woodworking, cutting in the paper industry (paper cutting knifes), and in the recycling industry e.g. scrap sher knifes. A variety of steel grades are available for our customers for the production of machine knifes, stamping tools and dies for the various alloys required for this purpose. The most common are:

Grade Purpose
1.2379 Paper- and corrugated board industrie (e.g. knives, punches, punching tools, dies)
1.2360 (Chipper): timber industry, (e.g. tool attachments for peeling tree trunks)
1.2631 (Chipper): timber industry, (e.g. peeling knives, cutting crowns)
1.2601 (Chipper): timber industry, (e.g. cross cutting knives)
1.2345: recycling industry, large machine construction (e.g. rolling rolles for pipe production)
1.2767: recycling industry (e.g. scrap shear knives)
1.2067: Paper- and corrugated board industry (e.g. segment knives, penknives)
1.2842: Paper- and corrugated board industry (e.g. circular knives, penknives)
1.2235: saw mill industry (production of circular knives);
1.3343: Paper- and corrugated board industrie (cross-knives, Razor Blades);

The tool steel grades requiered for vaious purposes are available in sufficient quantities at our warehouses in Germany and in our European branches. Fast and reliable availability is thus guaranteed at all times!


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1.2360 (Chipper)