From steel to Special steel to the point of a ready product: Oberste-Beulmann from Remscheid

International steel trader from Remscheid

Material and vision: From iron to steel, from steel to special steel, from special steel to the final product.

Nobody walks this road alone. For more than 40 years, OB has been your dependable guide on this road. We are on fire for special steels. As a tradition. We keep a cool head even if our customers have a fiery temperament.

As an owner-run family business we are able to react fast to ever-changing situations while retaining the overview of an international specialist.

OB buys special steels from all over the world. We do not only place a very high priority on first class materials but also on prompt delivery, comprehensive service and excellent reliability. In fact, our business is your success. Only you can decide where, when and with what kind of special steel you want to achieve success, but we will always find a way of helping you to achieve your aim. This is our maxim. How can we help you?

Yours very truly, Wilhelm and Stephan Oberste-Beulmann